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The Underlined Podcast - Episode I - Flying Nun.

A great episode, no music this week, I couldn't do it. I am joined by Ciaran and Ieu. I'm a little bit ill, so I will be coughing and such. Some loud microphone problems, because we're all in one room we have to pass it round. It's half an hour long. Hope you enjoy.

News & Reviews
Finn talks about Road Hogs

Office Appliances -We review multicoloured Stockwell brand paperclips.

My answer phone message - Ieuan sends me a strange voice message, while I'm out.

Spider Time - We have a new and improved Spider Time theme tune! This week it's the Brown Widow Spider.

Scientist of the Week - Hubert Humphy, the 38th Vice President of the USA, but unfortunetly no information on his scientific glory.

Ieuan's Fictional People Who Have Problems - Ieuan makes up a guy who's a 61 year old teacher, or something. His Gopher is up for ransom.

Nick's Done it Again - We yell at Nickelodeon for making a Purple & Brown Special, and they offend the supposibly Japanese Irish Team.

Fags on MSN - This week the fags are Kirsty and Jonny, our previous host.

Skit Bit - Our first skit, starring a Spaceman and a Knight. And a bit of a Cowboy. We think it's funny.

And a hilarious surprise segment at 27:00!

Music Discussion - We talk about our favouirte bands.

Shout Outs - Mine is to Charlie, love you, Finn's is to Steph, woo! And Ieu is to his bro, Kieran, he has no one, jk winking.

Links: the offical website www.underlined.co.nr and the podcast site, underlined.podomatic.com




the first ever episode of The Underlined Pocast, ah, memories. Enjoy.

'The first episode of the Underlined Podcast (some volume problems, but that will be sorted in the next episode, to be filmed on the 25th of March.)

Introduction - We say who we are.

Grown Up News - I tackle smoking!

Gaming - Ieuan and Ciaran do a poor view on the PS3.

Spider Time - We talk about the sand spider. Woo.

Scientist of the Week - his name is waxman, or something.

Fags on MSN - We talk to the losers I have on my msn 'friends' list.

Hope you Enjoy.'